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Lit Bio: Andreas Gripp is the author of 22 books of poetry, including Selected Poems 2000-2016 (Harmonia Press, 2016) as well as 16 chapbooks. Poems by Andreas Gripp have most recently appeared in the anthologies Window Fishing: The night we caught Beatlemania (Hidden Brook Press, 2014), Under The Mulberry Tree: Poems For & About Raymond Souster (Quattro Books, 2014), Moon Shine: A Canadian Poetry Collection (Craigleigh Press, 2015). and Another London: poems from a city still searching for itself (Harmonia Press, 2016). His book Anathema was shortlisted for the Acorn-Plantos Award for Peoples Poetry in 2010. A collection of his short fiction, Day Dreams, was released in the Fall of 2016. He is the editor of Synaeresis: arts + poetry, and presently works in a used bookstore and lives in London, Ontario with his wife, Carrie, and their two cats, Mabel and Mila.

Personal: finding one’s identity can be a lifelong search. I’m far more comfortable with who I am now that I know: a genderqueer/non-binary person (who has often been misjudged and harshly at that). One who is married to a wonderful soul.

I’m a skeptic at heart as well who sincerely searched high, low, and in-between for answers in metaphysics and spirituality only to ultimately find, in recent months, that the universe is what it is and that’s more than enough. I love science: particularly astronomy, geology, and physical anthropology. Also enjoy nature walks, hockey and baseball, wining/dining, and cats (must have cats).

The challenge of depression and anxiousness is ever close-at-hand. I think my writing has been a remedy in my encounters with all of the aforementioned. Thank you for visiting.

– Andreas

to get in touch: andreasgripp@gmail.com

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  1. I enjoyed reading this entry. Life is a learning process and nobody hs the right to judge another as we are all flawed in some way. Keep up the poetry Andreas and I am so glad that you have such a good help mate in Carrie. Most people are better off as a couple, than single, in my opinion.