Saturday, 22 October 2016

clip of poetry reading at Mykonos

Recorded on October 5, 2016. My poems "Hamilton Road" (from Another London : poems from a city still searching for itself) and "On Your Beauty" (taken from Selected Poems : 2000-2016) ...

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Day Dreams by Andreas Gripp -- press release

Day Dreams  
A dozen odd stories by Andreas Gripp 

12 somewhat bizarre tales. The author of 21 books of poetry, this is London, Ontario writer Andreas Gripp’s first collection of short fiction. 

The way you described it, it sounded so surreal: around eight years old, arms at his side, stiff and unmoving, hair unkempt, almost Einstein-esque in dishevelment, clothes sooted and ragged, face smudged so that he looked like “Pig Pen” from the Peanuts strip. I mentioned that “Pig Pen” looked just like Charlie Brown but that he was even far worse off. At least Chuck had a bath and parents who saw to it that his clothes were pressed and clean; an easy job, really, considering that he donned the same striped shirt every day. I almost see “Pig Pen” as that which Charlie Brown might someday become – an older version, though, slovenly and drunk, standing on street corners panning for change, bitter and jaded by the cards that life had dealt him. 

– excerpt from “Mrs. Peterson, the boy who stands at the corner isn’t your son”  

Andy was fully aware that in this form of media, cost-cutting was a sobering reality, but WZRA not providing even the latest headlines and sports scores was an obvious affront to his city’s airwaves. In fact, Andy had taken to opening a window (despite the heated signage that warned against doing so), sticking his head out, looking to the western horizon, and formulating his own weather forecast. Really, how much would it have cost to hire a part-time meteorologist, replacing Cheryl, the previous one who abruptly stopped showing up for work?  Come to think of it, Andy thought the whole station would soon be automated. His was the last live show by a live host that wasn’t some repeated, syndicated program or the dreaded,  aforementioned loop of cheesy songs.  

– excerpt from “Hey DJ”  

Available from 

61 pp. / Trade Paperback / 5 ½ x 8 ½  $10.00 ISBN 978-1-927734-12-4 Harmonia Press / Autumn 2016  Contact: 

To order Day Dreams by Andreas Gripp: please visit the Harmonia Press Book Order Page

If you live in London, Ontario, Day Dreams, as well as other Harmonia Press titles, are available at Oxford Bookshop and Brown & Dickson Booksellers.

On Your Beauty

a new broadside. This was my last poem read this past Wednesday night at Mykonos. Click on the pic for the larger, easier-to-see version ...

Monday, 3 October 2016

Recent reading pics

Harmonia Press Launch for Autumn Releases
Root Cellar, London, Ontario
September 27, 2016 

Culture Days London Poetry Slam Open Mic
Museum London
October 1, 2016