Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Parallactic Visions by Gregory Wm. Gunn

The poem below is one of the beauties from Parallactic Visions, the 8th book of poetry by London’s prolific versifier Gregory Wm. Gunn. “The Bard of Byron” has crafted a collection that flows seamlessly out of his 2012 offering, Pseudoeden: A Contemporary Utopia. The vocabulary is complex and eclectic, and the poet continues to explore the displays of nature, episodes of love, as well as a bit of caustic social commentary for good measure.


Dispirited Thrush

On one occasion I tracked
a dispirited thrush.
It encircled the fenland
and my ears were attuned
to the cadence
of the bulrushes,
repeatedly among
the tall blades,
trembling in the breeze
prior to the approaching

On one occasion I tracked
a dispirited thrush.
I discovered a yellow
crested feather buoyed
by the water.
I designated the feather mine,
and pulsing precipitation
poured from my hands.

I tracked my thrush
to a fallen tree where
a young woman lilted
a pleasant melody:
a euphonic resonance
across the dampened grass.

My thrush adored her
and happily lingered.

Gregory Wm. Gunn

81 pages, available from Lulu Press (ISBN 978-1-300-94213-9).



 – Andreas Gripp

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Telling Lies: New Chapbook by Katherine L. Gordon and S.J. White

Rockwood Ontario's Katherine Gordon was kind and mailed me a copy of her new chapbook that she's co-written with Brantford poet Stanley J. White. The pair have collaborated before, and their latest release, Telling Lies, published by Cyclamens and Swords out of Metulla, Israel (ISBN 978-965-7503-15-7), was an expeditious and very pleasant read delving into both the earthly and the celestial.

12 poems by each author make up this collection, and a sample by each is below:

Mona Lisa Enigma
by Katherine L. Gordon

Are you really a boy
untrue to all but the artist?
I sense that smile of experience
away from the frame
avoiding corseted rules
you are meant to play
on the walls of Kings.

Music Hall
by S.J. White

Sex is something
God has thrown in to ensure
we do not confuse ourselves
with deities, with angels --
a kind of tether
that never lets us stray too far
from freshly turned earth after rain
and in the pathos of it all
a constant reminder
of vaudeville, of burlesque.

These are two very underappreciated poets, both of whom have had poetry recently featured in Quern: An Anthology of Contemporary Poets (Serengeti Press, 2013). Well-seasoned and insightful, their ability to complement each other and to present lines of verse for further pondering is something the people's poetry community is fortunate to be blessed with.

-- Andreas Gripp

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Free PDF e-book version of Ex Gratia now available on Scribd and Internet Archive

Still haunted by the memory of her dead fiancé, a young woman is unable to reciprocate the love from her closest friend and admirer whose perspective and story is told in this sequence of 18 poems ...