Wednesday, 25 July 2012

London Open Mic Poetry Night

Local poet Stan Burfield and friends have recently announced a new reading series to commence this fall here in London, Ontario. This will be a more accessible series than what's available for aspiring participants and fills the need here in town for "ordinary poets" to have a public place to share their work. London is already serviced with a successful, dedicated CanLit series of award-winning, national poets stopping by on tour, and with an extremely popular Poetry Slam series, but for years has not had a regular, monthly event where LONDON versifiers can have an audience to hear them read. The series is slated to occur on the last Thursday of the month at a venue to be announced. Each month will have a featured poet and then a generous open mic portion -- great news for all who want to see poetry thrive in the Forest City.

Check out their Facebook Page if you get the chance ...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Katherine L. Gordon's Review of Garden Sunrise

Review by Katherine L. Gordon, poet, publisher & literary reviewer:

Garden Sunrise
By Andreas Gripp
Harmonia Press, London, Ontario.
21 pages, $5.00  ISBN: 978-0-9865996-6-8
available from

With a cover like a stained-glass mosaic, lucid with sun and leaves, Andreas Gripp preserves a “Garden Sunrise” for us as a talisman of the sweets of summer, to hold for all seasons.

This is a gentle balm of verses, no prophecies or edicts, no commentaries on our frail condition, just a lovely flow of sweet green visions to comfort us as a gentle summer rain, to wash away all care and leave us with grassy barefoot dreams, “a mirroring of Sol, / its orb and crown / of calm.”

Here is a union with all earthling friends of the garden, all the visiting birds and small creatures who decorate the shrubs and path with their gentle presence. Andreas Gripp has posed a question we must all wonder at times: bird song in the morning may be serious chatter – he calms and compliments them with a Bach symphony “to brighten their day in a break from breakfast gossip” in his wistful, whimsical poem Garden Sunrise.

For the day I bring you is a love poem born of dreams and longing, a planned path adorned to court a lady who may appear during “its blossoming into more.”

Those who dream or dwell in summer gardens will love the grace and beauty of this sojourn. Language, verse and image flow gently as a quiet stream of the season, allowing us “their beloved fruit / they’ve held so tightly.”

Pack it in your summer picnic bag, carry it through the colours of autumn, it will light your winter hours with remembered whispers of idyllic moments.

Katherine L. Gordon, Summer 2012.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Write a love psalm to the Goddess,
and watch how fast
they damn you.
Say God’s not bound
to gender,
and anathema will be
your name.
Say our blood
shares the warmth
of the shrew’s,
that foxes, elephants, weep,
that a chimp
isn’t guessing
when it’s right,
and to outer darkness
you’re cast.

Tell them that a Book
is only a book,
that saying so
doesn’t belittle
its worth,
that truth is fluid,
never carved
on slabs of stone.
They’ll bar you
from gates of pearls,
assign them a flaming

Now, in a whisper,
tell the woman you adore
she’s more beautiful
than the angels;
that the path of dirt
you walked on, together,
far better than roads of gold.
That if she’ll spend
a starry night
in your waiting-to-embrace-her
she may even love you back.
She may even let you kiss her.
She may even lie on the bed,
in eternal, restful pose,
allowing you to paint her,
or better still, to write a poem of her,
and of you and your misplaced gods;

and she might also watch and laugh
as you fold it in an envelope,
for mailing to a
one who surely knows
to never print such dross
and drivel;
and she’ll hope you come to your
senses, take it out
before it’s stamped,

and turn it into a plane
you can sail
in a summer’s day,

a wind from the west
to whisk it on a journey
more pleasant, meaningful,
less stressful for your mind,

never having to worry
where it lands.

Andreas Gripp