Saturday, 23 June 2012

Poetry in Point Edward

The Ontario Poetry Society is holding its annual Southwestern Ontario Summer event at the Bridge Tavern, 109 Michigan Ave., in Point Edward, Ontario (right by Sarnia), on Sunday June 24th beginning at 12:00pm. I will be one of the many readers and I'll be sharing poems from my latest book The Apostasy of Daylight which will be available for sale and signing. In addition, all of the readers will read poems by the late Sarnia poet & artist Peggy Fletcher (or poems about her) as part of a tribute to this kind, dearly missed person. Hope you can make it if you're in the area.

Above photo of Peggy Fletcher reading in Hamilton, Ontario in 2011. Photo by Wilma Seville.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stella Mazur Preda's Fourth Dimension

Serengeti Press is releasing Stella Mazur Preda's new collection of poems, The Fourth Dimension, on Sunday, June 24th, 2:00pm, at The First Unitarian Church in Hamilton, 170 Dundurn Street South. Stella will be reading from the book and there will be refreshments -- admission is free.

Here is my capsule write-up which will appear on the back jacket:

Stella Mazur Preda bridges the phantom chasm to The Fourth Dimension – and in it the reader meets the author’s penchant for colourful description and scenes enhanced with multiple metaphors. The images from the natural world and the thoughts conveyed by the human narrative are rich, relentless and rewarding. Emanating vibrancy that is always accessible, the poems in this long-awaited collection are loaded with lines that convey the author’s literary craftsmanship and her experience with the subjects about which she writes. A poet attuned to the sounds and sights of her world – and ours.

from The Fourth Dimension:

Flavours of Autumn

Phantom Harvest Moon lurks over the horizon.
Breath of early frost wakes the morning.
Sunflowers bow heads in reverence.
Where cucumbers and beans had blanketed fields,
pumpkins wink mischievously beneath the vines.
Cornstalks, once heavily weighted,
now replenish the sustaining earth.
Fall winds tumble through branches -- shower
Mother Earth with jewels of red, orange and gold;
invoke the deities to accept these gifts,
and surrender to the Autumnal Equinox.

-- Stella Mazur Preda

Sunday, 10 June 2012

As Spring Yields to Summer

I only see her when she’s out,
the woman across the way,
pushing her lawnmower
that has no engine,
the grating of squeaky wheels,
its whirling, rusty blades,
the sound of a hundred haircuts.
A fumeless, slicing symphony,
the grass wafting fresh
and green.

Day and night
through my windowsill
and all is
as it should be:

cat eyes narrow to slits
at the first burst of light,
squirrels play tag,
bumblebees collect, send static
through the afternoon,

dogs howl at three-quarter moons
and backyard Copernicans
at the shadows on lunar scars.

A couple kiss and rock
on gently swinging seats,
embrace, sigh into sleep,
and dawn comes back again,
announced by startled yawns
and singing larks.

As Spring yields to Summer,
tulips slump head-first,
vibrancy fades, reds go rose,
goldenrod yellows,
joining the ordinary
around us.

There’s my neighbour
riding his bicycle, narrowly missed
by a milk truck,
Ms. April May receiving delivery,
twice weekly, half a quart,
that, and measurements
long thought dead
still heaving
their penultimate breath.

Andreas Gripp